How babies are made (bye bye implant!)

NexplanonI am fairly new to this TTC (trying to conceive) business. I had the Nexplanon contraceptive implant taken out 25 March 2015. I had it in for just over a year. Before, since I was about 16, I had been on every form of contraceptive pill. Initially it was prescribed for my awful, debilitating, teenage acne. My skin gradually improved but it has never been absolutely clear so I just stayed on the pills. When I moved to England to start a PhD in Psychology, I started having the most horrendous migraines with floaters in my vision which was very scary. My doctor could only put it down to the pill, hence I stopped that and changed to the implant.

My experience with the implant was generally fine. It didn’t stop my cycle as it does for some people and I still continued to have a period every month-ish. However, on reflection, I think it started to make me psycho towards the end! Like, text book psycho in that I was devoid of empathy or emotional attachment. I had ridiculously insane premenstrual mood swings the week before AF. Was that me being a stressy bridezilla and overworked PhD student, or was it a side effect of the implant Nexplanon? Once we have conceived (fingers crossed!) and want to use contraception again, will I use the implant again? Hmm, not so sure.

So now it is out. A lot of forums and anecdotal advice and indeed my doctor all said that fertility returns to normal immediately. Of course, we hoped we’d be among those lucky few who get pregnant straight away, but no such luck. Here we are, three months after having the contraceptive implant removed. Still trying 🙂


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