Let’s make a baby!

Trying to Conceive HamperAs I mentioned in my previous post, I had the contraceptive implant Nexplanon removed on the 25th March, 2015. While I was at the doctor undergoing the simple procedure, I thought my husband was at work. Turns out, he was shopping up a storm, putting together the sweetest hamper for me, as we embarked on our TTC journey. There was an aspirational t-shirt, a comfy cotton nighty, ovulation predictor kit, pregnancy tests, a stunning jasmine candle and some fertility lube. Having now used these products over the last three months, here is my review of a few of them:

1.  La Maison Pure Cotton Embroidered Nightdress from M&S: Reviewed in its own post, to follow 🙂

2. Wild Jasmine Candle in a jar from John Lewis: This candle is my new favoruite thing! It has a lovely strong scent and the scent lingers. It can be easily snuffed out with the lid of the jar. Apparently, “jasmine is a wonderful oil as it aids in overall female reproductive health, but it also strengthens the male sex organs.” The scent is sexy and warm and sweet and romantic. So much love for this!

3. Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test with Dual Hormone Indicator from Boots: Ok, this is a tough one. I can’t comment on how well it works, because I am still not sure how to use it! The very same day I had the implant taken out, I was so excited and too keen, so I ripped open this pack! I just wanted to pee on a stick! The result was an empty circle on the display. At the time, I took that to mean Low Fertility. Expected, of course. However, I then read the test insert again, and it says: “You need to know your usual cycle length before you start to ensure you test at the right time to find your high and peak fertile days. To work out your cycle length, count the day period starts (first day of full menstrual flow) as Day 1, and continue counting through to the day BEFORE your next period starts – the number of days is your cycle length. Once you know your cycle length, use the table below to find out when to start testing…” Now, having been using the contraceptive implant, I don’t know when my period starts or the cycle length. I did have periods on the implant at least every two months, but they were erratic in dates, duration and intensity. Because I tested my fertility on a day that was not necessarily in accordance with the instructions, I’m not sure if the test created a false baseline, and therefore false readings. And the most frustrating part is that if I did create a false baseline, I cannot reset the indicator pod. My advice on this one – read the insert! It is very confusing and you need to know your cycle.

4. Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant from Amazon: I can’t say if this aids fertility, because we’ve been using it for three months and no positive test yet. But it does feel great and this fertility friendly lubricant has the right ingredients and pH to help sperm do their thing. Here’s why you might want and need this (baby making can get a little… perfunctory):


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