Vitamins and Supplements to Aid Fertility – Night

I am a vegetarian, have been for 21 years now! Gosh that makes me feel old! As a ten year old when I announced to my family that I would no longer be eating bacon, my dear Mom agreed. She thought it was just a phase of a head strong little lady who watched “Babe” too much 🙂 I am a vegetarian for animal welfare reasons. When I had a pre-conception appointment with my Doctor, she did a full blood test health check and all my levels of everything are normal – yay! At the appointment, Doc recommended that I start a multivitamin and folic acid in preparation for baby.

I take the multivitamin at night time. For me, taking a multivitamin eases my mind that I am topping up my vitamin supplies in case I’m lacking one or two during the day with my veggie diet and I feel like I am giving my eggs the best chance. When deciding which pre-conception multivitamin to take, the choice for me was between Pregnacare, Boots brand, and Seven Seas. Initally it was between those three because they were the brands I recognised and those were available in my local Boots. I often have indigestion trouble with large pills, so immediately that discounted the Pregnacare and Boots. And to make the decision even easier, Pregnacare and Boots brand retail for over £10 each whereas Seven Seas is about £4 from Wilko for a month’s supply.

Seven Seas Trying for a BabySo the price and the size of the pills were two aspects that made the decision easy. Now having taken these pills for three months, I can also add that I have had no adverse reactions to these, no indigestion, no bad taste, no foul smell. And the blister pack is also a quirky little bonus. The pills are designed like a contraceptive pill pack, so I guess women who go from the routine of taking The Pill will transition nicely into the familiarity and routine when taking these multivitamins.


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