Vitamins and Supplements to Increase Fertility – Part 2

Vitamins and supplements to increase fertility

As much as I enjoy food and appreciate it for the way it nurtures and nourishes my body, I want to make sure that my vitamin and mineral levels are as good as they can be while trying to conceive our baba. To this end, my husband and I are supplementing our daily diet with a few goodies that are believed to aid and increase fertility. I recently posted about the benefits of taking folic acid, vitamin B complex and zinc. Here I talk about the remaining three supplements we take daily: Selenium, Vitamin D and CoEnzyme Q10.

Selenium, 25mcg – Selenium is an antioxidant; it stops naughty free radicals from damaging our cells. I read about Selenium on a TTC forum. Our bodies cannot make Selenium by itself. We have to consume it. The easiest way to get enough selenium is to eat a few Brazil nuts. My problem is that when faced with a bag of nuts, I will devour them all! Yum! Taking Selenium has not yet proven to increase conception rates, because the studies have not yet been carried out. However, what we do know for sure is that taking a safe dose of Selenium will do no harm.

Vitamin D, 25mcg – This mighty little vitamin is bottled sunshine. Literally. We get most of our vitamin D from sunlight 🙂 (and also eggs and fish and meat). But living in England and working from home and being a vegetarian doesn’t always afford me enough! So my husband and I take this tiny little pill every morning, as recommended by the NHS, to make sure that we have strong bones and that our future little babe grows healthy strong bones and teeth.

CoEnzyme Q-10, 30mg – CoQ10 is another I found out about through conception and pregnancy forums. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that this will help. But many agree that it can’t hurt. The study that initially got everyone interested was with mice. Older mice were given CoQ10 their eggs became like the eggs of younger mice. Egg quality begins to decline in women in their thirties, so it can’t hurt to hope that what works for older lady mice will work for us too 🙂

Alongside trying to eat cleaner and healthier food, we have been supplementing since I had the contraceptive implant taken out in March. Even if all this is mumbo jumbo and is just giving us nothing more than expensive urine, at least I have peace of mind knowing that I am doing the best I can to make a comfy and nurturing little bubble for our future baby when he or she decides to stick around 🙂


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