Body Positive

Boobs Over Belly Buttons

The belly button challenge, a Chinese trend, has gone viral. The idea is that if you can wrap an arm behind your back and around your waist to touch your belly button then you have a good body. If you can’t complete the challenge, you need to lose weight. Here’s how is looks:

Belly Button challenge

Does not look comfortable! There are so many things wrong with this challenge. First of all, it’s largely a test of flexibility, not ideal weight. But more than that is how it has the potential to make people feel. “A successful attempt is met with praise and affirmation, under the pretence that the challenge is a test of health and fitness, you are thin enough to reach around yourself, so you must be okay. An unsuccessful attempt is met with quiet inward shame.” writes James Hamblin of the Atlantic. Yay if you can do it, your body is good enough. Sorry if you can’t do it, your body isn’t good enough. A frightening message indeed.

Is it important to be able to reach around the back of your body? Does that determine your health? Does that determine your worth? No, it most assuredly does not. So to combat the negativity surrounding the challenge, Curvy Kate lingerie company and CoppaFeel breast cancer charity started the #BoobsOverBellyButtons campaign. The idea is to encourage women to feel positive about their bodies and to remind women to self-check for breast cancer. How’s what you should check for:

Self Check breast exam breast cancer

So rather than contorting around your own body to try to reach your belly button because you’ve been told that’s the way to measure if you are healthy and have a good body, rather grab hold of your breasts. Sieze your bosom, feel amazing about being you, be grateful that you have your health today, appreciate your body that serves you so well, and do something useful that could end up saving your life.

Boobs over belly button


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