What is SMEP?

Fertilization SMEPSMEP is the Sperm Meets Egg Plan. And together with ovulation test strips, a saliva ovulation predictor test, and Conceive Plus fertility lubricant, it is our plan for conception in this cycle 🙂

SMEP is literally about creating enough availability for the sperm to meet the egg.
This is how it happens:
Cycle day 1 – First day of your period
Cycle day 8 – First time to baby dance!
And more baby dancing every second day until a positive ovulation result
Cycle day 10 – Start testing for ovulation every day until there is a positive result
Day of positive OPK – Have sex today, and tomorrow and the next day!
Then skip a day. Then one last try.

Extra notes:
On the day of the positive OPK, mark this day +15 days to do a pregnancy test
If a positive OPK does not come, keep having sex every second day.


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